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Our Story
For many years, Mickala LED Lighting Towers has been perfecting the art of extra low voltage LED Lighting Towers.  Designed and engineered in Australia, Mickala manufacture our own reliable Lighting Towers that are utilised in many industries including – Mining, Oil, Gas, Construction and Rail Industries.  We guarantee our Lighting Towers are advanced in technology and that they are capable of handling any situation.

Our Strategy
With various assembly locations across the globe we have the ability to deliver direct to your door without 3rd party involvement in the manufacturing or delivery process. Our export licences allow us to deliver door to door anywhere in the world without 3rd party involvement. This creates a significant cost savings for our clients.



 Our Mission
Mickala is very serious about what we do, it has taken many years of experience to allow us to design and engineer our own extra low voltage LED Lighting Towers. Our Lighting Towers are more efficient, easily maintained, robust and cost-effective while offering the highest environmental sensitivity possible.


Single Axle 1280 – Lighting Towers

Single Axle 1920-2560 – Lighting Towers

Dual Axle – Lighting Towers

Sled Mounted – Lighting Towers

Sled Mounted – Lighting Towers – Long Range


Our Products
Our Lighting Towers are engineered and certified to suit various Australian standards which cross over to many global standards.  Mickala’s Lighting Towers comply with the following Australian and Mining standards:

AS-4242:1994 Compliance – For use in mines/Electrical wiring systems at extra low voltage
AS2790 – Transportable Generator Sets
AS3713 – Noise Level Emissions
AS3001 – Electrical Wiring Rules
AS3010.1 – Supply of Generator Set
AS-4242:1994 Compliance – For use in mines / Electrical wiring systems at extra low voltage
AS1170.2 – Wind Loading Criteria
MDG 41 Compliant –Guideline relevant for fluid power systems safety in mines, issued December 2010
MDG 15 Compliant – Mobile and transportable equipment for use in mines

Why Mickala?
Mickala deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective onsite preventative maintenance solutions for our customers lighting tower fleet. With our turn key solution, our factory trained team will integrate with each site and be responsibility for the management of the lighting tower fleet. This includes the management of maintenance our personnel, vehicles, scheduled servicing, refuelling through our remote technology software, supply of OEM spare parts, damages, break downs, preventative maintenance and the strategic placement of the fleet around site.


Global Supply

We have the ability to supply our products to all parts of the world. Our fleet can be shipped in containers and be delivered straight to your door.


Since 2007 Innovation has been the driving force to supply tomorrows technology today. We partner with customers to ensure we supply a solution for their needs


Our factory trained technicians understand our products as they are involved in the end to end production build process.

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